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Civil Litigation

civil-imgCivil litigation is typically resolved one of two ways – either by negotiated settlement, or by the presentation of your case to a third party (jury, arbitrator, judge). Civil matters include a wide variety of topics such as contract disputes, personal injuries, property damage, negligence and intentional acts. Although each topic may be different, the rules governing the process remain the same. From case to case, civil litigation requires the same tenacity and drive from start to finish. It requires the ability to distill information to its basic form, to develop compelling, comprehensive arguments, and to effectively and persuasively present your case. Success is only possible by possessing and exhibiting these traits.

Civil litigation is a lengthy process which requires both patience with the process and trust– both for the client and the attorney. From commencing the lawsuit to presenting the case to a jury, the process can be a lengthy one. It is important for you to select an attorney who is capable of handling your case, but is also the right fit for you as all cases require mutual cooperation, respect and communication.

Each civil case presents a unique set of circumstances different from all other cases. At the commencement of representation, we analyze your case from this perspective: what do you need to prove and how are we going to prove it? We prepare the case this way because everything we do for you is with the mindset of litigation. You may have the best set of facts; but, if you cannot prove the case in the court of law, your case is worthless. We do not let that happen. We do what is necessary to find the proof and ready ourselves for trial.

Trial preparation involves, first and foremost, preparation. The rules allow us to conduct discovery by questioning the opposing side, witnesses and experts. Most trials adopt a natural ebb and flow, or different phases, when uncovering the evidence to effectively present your case. Preparation for each phase of the case is of vital importance. Simple and complex cases alike require depositions, hearings and briefs long before a jury is impaneled. Preparation is key for you as well. You must familiarize yourself with the case to provide a level of comfort to handle cross-examination or testifying before a jury of your peers. Litigation is an adversarial process and only by preparation can you be ready to handle a hostile opponent. Here, we take the time and effort to prepare you and the case.

Jury trials. It is a fact that the majority of cases are resolved through negotiated settlement–the court system is inundated with controversies and cannot hear every case. There are times, though, that negotiations fail and, no matter how hard you try, your opponent is not willing to listen to reason. When that occurs, your only available option is trial. It is important to have an experienced litigator like Kinser Law to handle your case. Trials are not just about the underlying controversy. Kinser Law has a wealth of experience to properly select a jury, provide effective opening statements, ensure the proper proof is elicited during trial through direct and cross examination, and effectively argue your case at closing. Even before arriving at trial, it is of the utmost importance to properly develop and implement your trial strategy and provide the client with the pertinent information for understanding the process.

At its core, Kinser Law litigates civil matters and is ready to take on your case.

Cases We Handle

Nursing home neglect. Mismanaged medication. Personal injury. Car, truck or motorcycle accidents. Negligence. Faulty construction. Breach of contract. Intentional interference with a business opportunity. Libel. Slander. Respondeat superior. Negligent hiring and retention. Have an issue that you do not see listed? Not a problem. Call today to set up a consult.

Personal Injury

The fast paced world we live in today inevitably leads to accidents. Corners are cut, attention to detail is lost and, at times, individuals just do not care to provide the service you deserve and need.

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Business Law

Kinser Law provides a wide variety of services for businesses and its founding members. Here, we are able to help on the ground floor by organizing your business and implementing the right structure that best suits your needs.

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