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Personal Injury

injury-imgThe fast-paced world we live in today inevitably leads to accidents. Corners are cut, attention to detail is lost, and, at times, individuals just do not care to provide the service you deserve and need. If and when you are injured because of someone else, you need an experienced litigator to guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your loss. Kinser Law will handle your case with the care that it and you deserve, without question. When injured, you need an attorney who will fight for what you deserve, provide objective counsel, and work towards the resolution right for your situation.

Kinser Law has represented numerous clients who have suffered significant injuries and those accused of causing the injury. Whatever the case, Kinser Law will provide you with the necessary information and effective counsel to help you through the process from start to finish.


In today’s world, time is money. Often, jobs are rushed and corners are cut. This means that builders and developers may not always adhere to laws and codes, which can lead to personal injuries, property damage for homeowners, and heartache and pain for the entire family.

Sometimes, homeowners’ insurance refuses to cover such damage. In this situation, the property owners do not have much recourse on their own. That is where Kinser Law can step in. We educate our clients on their rights and the processes. Then, we provide the most effective counsel available.

Nursing Home Negligence

For so many of us, our older loved ones eventually require twenty-four hour care. As much as you want to help, it is just not practical to devote that amount of time to care for your loved one. When this occurs, you turn to nursing homes and nursing care. You expect that your father or mother or grandparent will be cared for appropriately in light of the type of care needed. You also expect for the nursing care facility to strive to provide the level of care to allow your loved one to maintain the highest possible quality of life. The demand for quality care is growing and, despite nursing care being a heavily regulated industry, some nursing homes are more concerned with profit than care.

When a nursing home fails you, you need ask the right questions and know where to look for the information that nursing homes would rather not disclose. Nursing home litigation requires the acquisition of extensive medical records, the retention of an expert, and the ability to handle the big insurance companies and defense firms. We have the experience and dedication to expose the truth and fight for what is right.

At Kinser Law, we will treat you and your loved one with the respect and dedication the nursing facility failed to provide.